Monday, September 29, 2014

Touring the Art District in Beijing (China Trip Post II)

Because my awesome husband knows me well, he made sure to schedule some time in our busy itinerary to visit the Art District (798) in Beijing. We spent the morning and early afternoon of our second day in Beijing, September 3, 20014, wandering around the streets in the bright sunshine to find galleries and shops. Below are photos of my favorites (not including all the art in galleries where we weren't allowed to take photos.)

There was everything from beautiful high end galleries to rough pop-up shops. I found a few printmakers. (And a "Printsaurus"?)

Of course I had to take some awkward tourist photos. (Best and most awkward one of this very white American shown below.)

We saw that statue guy a few times, and found even more of his clones hiding out of sight.

We found quite a variety of sculptures, usually outside the entrances of shops/galleries. The Santas, smoking Native American, and David looked rather out of place.

These huge felt light fixtures were in a stairwell that we climbed in hopes of finding another gallery, and they turned out to be far more interesting than the clothing shop upstairs.

The architecture was interesting, even under construction. (The girl in the shadows of the lower right corner of the first photo was sketching soon after I took this photo.)

There was a variety of graffiti, usually in smaller alleys and referencing popular Western culture. (The last wall looks like an electrician's nightmare.)

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