Monday, June 24, 2013

Little Litho - Prints

I have three completely different things that I could blog about today, but I'd better show what prints I got from last week's little 5x7 litho.

I wouldn't quite call today's printing a failure, but there wasn't much success either...

Something got dripped on my litho which kept attracting ink in those splotches. Plus the image kept over inking like crazy until I reached the point where I just couldn't get anything out of it and massive areas of ink just kept sucking up more ink. Blech.

In the end I just gave up. Since I didn't have my handy Tamarind book with my to consult I ended up clearing the stone of all traces of ink, re-drawing in the image, and re-etching it with a strong etch in hopes it'll behave better if I decide to try again.

Here's the best print and one cropped version of the print (which was all I could get later on):

Here's the re-drawn & re-etched stone:

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