Monday, June 3, 2013

4/3 Print Exchange Show at UWP and More

The 4/3 Print Exchange's second exhibition opens today at the UW Parkside Foundation Gallery!

[Proof that it's on the list of current exhibits:]

UWP's gallery staff was great & did all the work hanging the show. I wrote the show's description, list of artist, and a blurb about printmaking techniques. I also suggested that there be a display case of printmaking tools and arrange one for the show.

Also, I just learned a few days ago that I got a new commission for a large triptych of prints... but until I have more details and more plans to show I won't say more.

Other than these bits of news, I don't have new work to show. I can't really count the time I've spent lately weeding through this year's pile student art for teaching examples... or going through my old unfinished prints and setting some aside to work on further this summer... or helping paint someone's bedroom wall. Those just don't count as new art that I can blog about here.

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