Monday, June 24, 2013

Little Litho - Prints

I have three completely different things that I could blog about today, but I'd better show what prints I got from last week's little 5x7 litho.

I wouldn't quite call today's printing a failure, but there wasn't much success either...

Something got dripped on my litho which kept attracting ink in those splotches. Plus the image kept over inking like crazy until I reached the point where I just couldn't get anything out of it and massive areas of ink just kept sucking up more ink. Blech.

In the end I just gave up. Since I didn't have my handy Tamarind book with my to consult I ended up clearing the stone of all traces of ink, re-drawing in the image, and re-etching it with a strong etch in hopes it'll behave better if I decide to try again.

Here's the best print and one cropped version of the print (which was all I could get later on):

Here's the re-drawn & re-etched stone:

Monday, June 17, 2013

Little Litho - Drawing & Processing

I did a little litho today. Image size is 5x7 inches. (Plus, to make up for not posting the last couple of weeks I have lots of photos to prove all the work I did.)

Made a sketch last night, went to UWP today, only had to do a bit of levigating on a small stone (which looks like it was part of an older one that broke in half)...

Transferred the image with conte...

Used some litho crayons to draw it in....

Did a first round of etching/processing...

And now it's just sitting there after the second etch, waiting for me to return and print it.

Monday, June 3, 2013

4/3 Print Exchange Show at UWP and More

The 4/3 Print Exchange's second exhibition opens today at the UW Parkside Foundation Gallery!

[Proof that it's on the list of current exhibits:]

UWP's gallery staff was great & did all the work hanging the show. I wrote the show's description, list of artist, and a blurb about printmaking techniques. I also suggested that there be a display case of printmaking tools and arrange one for the show.

Also, I just learned a few days ago that I got a new commission for a large triptych of prints... but until I have more details and more plans to show I won't say more.

Other than these bits of news, I don't have new work to show. I can't really count the time I've spent lately weeding through this year's pile student art for teaching examples... or going through my old unfinished prints and setting some aside to work on further this summer... or helping paint someone's bedroom wall. Those just don't count as new art that I can blog about here.