Monday, April 8, 2013

Collating the 4/3 Exchange

Remember that 4/3 Print Exchange I wrote about last time? To explain further, I organized this collaboration between printmaking professors and their students from ISU (Normal, IL), KCAD (Grand Rapids, MI), UWP (Kenosha, WI) and WLC (Milwaukee, WI). All the participants made an edition of 15 handmade prints and sent them in to me. Each school will keep a full set of all the prints, plus one set is being used for a traveling exhibition. Each participant will then get back 10 assorted prints from the other participants.

But somebody's got to do all of that shuffling around of prints... so on Saturday I lead volunteers - students and faculty (and supportive faculty spouses)  from WLC & UWP - in collating the 4/3 Exchange prints in UWP's print room.  It went surprisingly quickly & smoothly, thanks to all the help.

We separated prints by school to help keep things in order.

Some students screen printed the "4/3" logo I made on envelopes for the participants.

The most time-consuming part was shuffling all the prints around to ensure that each participant would get back a nice sampling of all the submitted prints from each school. 

So there was lots of counting and recounting by all.

So in the end, each participant got a listing of all involved in a nice screen printed packet of 10 prints from other participants. 


  1. That looks like fun. I wish I knew you were doing this, I would have stopped by to help out!
    I love a good portfolio exchange!

  2. Carey - if we do it again in the fall I'll keep you in the know!