Monday, April 22, 2013

Broken Litho Stone = Sad Day

I was going to post about the first half of my color reduction linocut demo, but then I forgot to take photos. Oops.

Instead I'll show & tell about what I walked in to find today in the print room.


Broken litho stone = unhappy teacher.

No one fessed up to it. (Granted, the culprit might be one of the students who skipped today.) Yet I let my students know that this sort of carelessness is NOT OK. Costly damage to the print room's supplies like this is why I teach them how to do things the right way in the first place.

Sad start to my Monday... though really, besides this, the rest of my classes weren't bad today.

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  1. Hi, I work in an art museum. We need to replace our pieces of broken Litho stones for use in demo carts in the galleries. I know its a long shot but do you happen to still have the broken pieces, particularly the smaller one that you may have been unable to resize. Please contact me at if you have one.