Saturday, March 30, 2013

Print for 4/3 Exchange

I've been organizing a print exchange with 3 other printmaking professors that I know over the past few months. We all assigned our students to do an edition of 15 prints, paper size 8x10" or smaller. These 4 schools from 3 states thus made up our 4/3 Print Exchange.

I had hoped that we could have all looked at all the prints together over the SGCI weekend, but life happens. Within the next few days half the prints should be coming to me in the mail. Then on April 6 some students of mine at UWP and also some from WLC will be gathering at Parkside to collate the exchange. With 57 total participants, it'll be an exciting but big job to do. In the end each school will get a full set of prints, one set will be a traveling exhibition, and then each of the participants will get 10 prints back to keep.

I'll post more about how all of that went down next time. Today I'll share the 8x10" linocut I made for the exchange.

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