Saturday, January 19, 2013

Return to Blogging!

I didn't realize it had been so long since I last blogged about my art. Even worse was the realization that I haven't printed any of my own work aside from class demos since then. I thought I'd blog about those demos regularly at least, but they just didn't seem that exciting. Looks like I'm starting my new years resolution a bit late, but here it is.... I resolve to blog more regularly about my work! Once a week at least.

I've been terribly lazy. Sure, I've had many excuses over the past several months. I moved back to my home state and got married in May. I had a crazy temporary summer job at the state fair. I got two new part-time jobs that both started in early September. Teaching all the printmaking courses in a new place really kept me hopping all semester, on top of learning the ropes of my secretary job. I was so drained when classes ended in mid-December, only to enter the busiest season of the secretary job. Things have finally calmed as Christmas and January rolled around... and I really enjoyed relaxation & family time.

So now January's here and it's high time to get back to business. Teaching this spring semester will be much easier since it's the second time around. The secretary job's not bad either now that I've got the hang of things. I've got plans to hopefully join two shows and hopefully two exchanges in these upcoming couple months, so I'd better get some new work done.

Last weekend I tried to start a new linocut, but kept freezing. Guess I was feeling the pressure to do something new and amazing, but that fear was kept putting me off from doing the work that I love so much. It's one of the worst things that tends to happen post school. Deadlines are helping me get back on task though. I set apart today & tomorrow for printing, and looked forward to it all week. I dedicated this weekend to accomplishing the main goal of printing. JUST printing my good old blocks for new prints, and that helped a lot. I busted out the first layer on 9 new prints and it felt amazing. I'm hoping to print a second layer tonight and a third tomorrow. I'm also finally inspired to make some new blocks too. I'm feeling back in the swing of things. Time to get to work... my own new work!

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