Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Short Statement

I've recently been finishing up my thesis artist statement, and thus don't have photos to show... But in the meantime I figured I'd share with you the short version of my statement that I've placed in both my solo and thesis shows. I haven't written much about my art here, so I hope you readers don't mind this change for today's post.  

intertwine – Artist’s Statement

The inherent repetitive aspect of printmaking processes lends naturally to creating the repeated forms in my prints. Due to my great interest in process, it is inevitably intertwined with the form and content of my work.  I have established my own language through the wood blocks that I repeatedly use in my different pieces, as well as my signature ribbon forms that flow through them.

To me, the intertwining ribbon forms symbolize connections. These connections are the visual manifestations I feel between others and myself. They are the literal ties I have to those around me. In the simplest sense, they symbolize connectedness.  My ribbons may appear like DNA strands and tangled masses like cells. In that sense, my forms are visualizing the basic stuff of life – the common denominator in living creatures and the cellular structure that unites us all.

I am comfortable with the various and sometimes contradictory elements of my prints. The control of the orderly geometric shaped blocks is at odds with the lack of control of the organic connecting lines, implying the duality of logic versus the illogical, of the positive versus the negative. It can be said that my work is about a balance within duality. I carefully arrange formal elements like line, shape, and color. This combination of elements creates harmony within the chaos of contradictions.  

Though this balance of opposites may never be solved or reconciled, there is serenity in the balance. Naturally our world does not completely make sense, when seemingly basic fundamental things hold opposite characteristics. Light acts both as a wave and a particle. Our universe is expanding, seemingly so chaotic that we humans cannot yet understand how it is structured.  I am at peace and celebrate that mystery and join in the balance of opposites.

 Alicia Wierschke

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