Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I don't have one nice concrete example of recent work for this post. My mind has been split thinking about too many different things at once so that none of them are at a nice point to show. So instead, today I'll mention some of those things via an overview of the current state of my studio.... 

Those prints that I mentioned last time are hanging up while I re-plan the next layers (and wait for a good solid block of time to work on the big press in the print room). The stack of blocks next to the circles blocks on the table are the new oddly shaped blocks that I'm very excited about - but so far I am only half done sketching them out on the blocks. My laptop is there reminding me of the 2 applications I need to finish very soon, and my backpack contains homework readings and studying materials from a recent midterm exam. 

Thus concludes a day in the life of the artist via the projects in her studio! 

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