Monday, October 11, 2010

Installation - First Round

These are the two rooms I was given for the Site Lab installation before I started. I'm going to refer to the pair as the orange & green rooms because of the colors I'm using. 

Here's the first stencil spray painted in the orange room...

... and what the orange room looked like at the end of the first spray painting day. I mostly stayed in the orange room & did a bit of the green room.

Thanks so much to Alison for her help on the first day of spray painting! The green room wouldn't have looked so great without you. 


  1. Yeah... Um, those walls need to be white if you're expecting to get your security deposit back.

  2. I like the green room. Did you have to paint the base colors too?

  3. Iceberg has it all wrong! Orange is always the better choice.

  4. Look out Pumpkin! Here comes someone with a knife and candle.