Tuesday, October 5, 2010

"Dead End" Prints - Coated & Finished

My edition of prints for the "Dead End" show is just finishing up drying after being coated with polyurethane. 

To show what a difference the polyurethane makes, here's a comparison of the same print not coated, coated once, and coated four times. The first photo shows how shiny the prints with more coats of polyurethane can get. The next photo better shows how transparent the print becomes

I tried to take an awkward shot to check out the print against direct light.

Here's a final detail shot to highlight the layering. Are the prints starting to look even more like swirling oil to you? 


  1. Pretty awesome! Is the translucency going to factor into how these are going to be displayed?

  2. Unfortunately not this time. I have no control over the presentation, as it's part of a big juried show. I myself don't get to hang it.