Sunday, August 8, 2010

Warm Colors

My color palette just keeps getting brighter & brighter. The hot days of summer must be getting to me.

This print is on a long 27 x 74 sheet of mulberry paper. The yellow triangle shapes are actually printed twice, but it's interesting how they start to look more like solid triangles without the contrast that the areas with orange & red-ish have.

Bonus photo of what my colorful inking area typically looks like.

My personal stack of ink tubes, blobs of mixed color, & nice thin rolled out ink for my brayer - which seems to be missing from this shot as well as the wood blocks. That piece of paper became my latest swatch sheet to keep track of my color combos. I need a better system though instead of these occasional sketch book papers that end up looking disorganized & I often lose them or stupidly discard them.

I made far too much ink for this print, so instead of trying to store the ink for a few days I decided to use the excess ink by making another quick print.... or two... but I'll talk more about those in the next blog post.

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