Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Green & Things

Prepare for a bombardment of photos.

Here's the same print configuration with the square & triangle blocks I posted last, but this time in a new green color that I like even more. I printed this one yesterday.

Here's a close-up of those square pieces to show how they all have different connecting points... which leads to interesting patterns flowing between the blocks.

I liked the green so much that I re-printed it a second time in a slightly lighter shade, modeled here by my triangle pieces.

Today I started adding more layers with the second color, a blue-ish (that's close to that all-blue print). Here's an in-progress look of the print hot off the press. Tomorrow I plan on adding a third color.

Today it was decided the green print should be hung in the GradSpace at Kendall. But then decided to keep the white one up that had been there before. And just took over the whole corner with my prints by adding the multi-brown one. :) I may as well take advantage of using the whole "Printmaking Section" since I'm here and actively printing - and it's nice to see new things on the wall during the slow summer months. (Lynnette will have to fight me to get some space back in the Fall!)

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